South Jordan Wasatch Labs Your Source For Reliable Information Wasatch Product Development is a full service cGMP Contract Manufacturing and Product Development Laboratory. Our core competencies focus in the formulation and manufacturing of liquid skin care, sun care, hair care, oral care, and proprietary treatment-oriented products for the South Jordan personal care industry.

It’s a pleasure to work with the finest South Jordan companies. We take pride in our legacy of professional service and expertise. Here are two testimonials that describe our commitment to providing our South Jordan clients with relevant information:

‘I depend on Wasatch Laboratories Newsletter for current, reliable and insightful information about the industry. It’s my favorite source of industry insider info; they’ve never let me down.’ – D. Smith, Managing Partner, Blue Line Products, Ltd.

‘I literally go through and toss out informational files after about a month. I am amazed at all of the material that I save from Wasatch Contract Manufacturing. You’ve got the right perspective.’ – Cathy L., President, True Wealth Enterprises.

We can’t say it any better than our satisfied contract manufacturing and product development clients. If you are currently looking for an anti-aging or liquid nutritional industry expert to provide South Jordan contract manufacturing services, you owe it to yourself to give us a call.

About Wasatch Contract Manufacturing

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Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing unique products for many of the world’s leading consumer product companies since 1998. Wasatch Labs’ Core Competencies include Sanitizers and Sunscreen Formulation.

Consider Wasatch Labs when you are sourcing a secondary manufacturer in Oklahoma for your existing products or perhaps a reliable, experienced laboratory for product development, formulation, packaging and fulfillment.

Wasatch Labs’ Competitive Advantages include Product Manufacturing.

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