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If you are the owner of a personal care business in the Provo, Sandy, or Orem area, chances are that skin care and anti-aging products are part of your line. Why? Because your South Jordan customers know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and good skin care is all about prevention.

Marc Ward, our Master Formulator and Chemist here at Wasatch, is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to formulating effective skin care and anti-aging products for our Sandy gene expression and peptide signaling customers. Our core competencies include Skin ‘Energy Systems,’ neuro-peptides, cosmeceuticals, and plumping products.

If your Salt Lake City business is looking for a contract manufacturer to formulate and manufacture skin care products, we invite you to call us at Wasatch Contract Manufacturing.

Our in-house capabilities include packaging engineering, formula development, and manufacturing. We don’t have to contract out to other Salt Lake City contract manufacturing companies, so you enjoy increased efficiency. We also offer total customer support and complete supply chain management. Just listen to one of our many satisfied customers:

‘Wasatch provides good information on new manufacturing technologies and utilizes the latest in cutting edge ingredients from all over the world.’ -M. Hutchinson, Marketing VP, Associate Ltd.

When your South Jordan business partners with Wasatch, you’ll appreciate our industry knowledge and our innovative manufacturing technology. And we don’t just do skin care, we also develop and manufacture liquid nutritionals, intimacy products, oral care, SPF sun protection, and hair care products.

Call Wasatch today at 877-229-9183 to discuss your Salt Lake City product formulation needs.

About Wasatch Contract Manufacturing

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Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing unique products for many of the world’s leading consumer product companies since 1998. Wasatch Labs’ Core Competencies include OTC Product Development and Packaging.

Consider Wasatch Labs when you are sourcing a secondary manufacturer in Louisiana for your existing products or perhaps a reliable, experienced laboratory for product development, formulation, packaging and fulfillment.

Wasatch Labs’ Competitive Advantages include cGMP Supply Chain Management.

Learn more about Wasatch Contract Manufacturing by visiting us online at: http://WasatchContractManufacturing.com.

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