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At Wasatch Contract Manufacturing in South Jordan, we understand our critical role in the success of your 84020 zip code area business. A cosmeceutical contract manufacturer can make or break an anti-aging, hair care, sun protection, or oral care company. We don’t take this lightly and have built our business rising to this challenge.

At Wasatch Contract Manufacturing, we provide exceptional service, specialized industry knowledge, and technologically-advanced manufacturing equipment. These assets have made us the acknowledged leader in the South Jordan Gene Expression, Liquid Nutritionals, Oral Care, DNA Targeted Anti-Aging, Hair Care, Sun Protection, and Peptide Signaling contract manufacturing community.

Our South Jordan skin care product development team includes chemists, microbiologists, lab technicians, QC inspectors, project engineers, validation technicians, packaging designers, and regulatory compliance specialists. With our depth of field, it makes sense for you to outsource your liquid nutritionals product formulation and manufacturing processes. What would it cost for you to establish manufacturing operations equal to ours?

We provide contract manufacturing, private labeling, product formulation, clinical trial management, and liquid bottling services at affordable prices in South Jordan!

Wasatch services include:

• Complete processing of liquids, creams, lotions, pastes, ointments and gels
• Handling of products and viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps.
• Storage facilities for both raw materials and finished bulk product
• Dedicated facilities for explosion-proof processing of alcohol-based products
• Facility for bulk alcohol storage
• Validated DI water system for USP grade purified water
• Manufacturing equipment capacity ranges from 30 gallons to 4,500 gallons

We have helped many South Jordan start-ups and international skin care firms increase their sales year after year. We can help you, too. Call us today.

About Wasatch Contract Manufacturing

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Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing unique products for many of the world’s leading consumer product companies since 1998. Wasatch Labs’ Core Competencies include Skin Treatment Design and Bottling.

Consider Wasatch Labs when you are sourcing a secondary manufacturer in Idaho for your existing products or perhaps a reliable, experienced laboratory for product development, formulation, packaging and fulfillment.

Wasatch Labs’ Competitive Advantages include International Packaging Capabilities.

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